CPMC Library

The college has a spacious air-conditioned library located on the side of the administrative block adjacent to the college building. The library fully caters to the academic needs of students and staff with a sitting capacity of about 100 . It has all the essential text and reference books along with reference journals. The books are placed subject-wise. The library has been organized to meet the requirements of students and teachers and importantly facilitate in research work. It has the following sections:

• Basic Sciences, Clinical Sciences and Reference Books Sections

• Reading Area

• Study Desk Area

• Audio-Visual Section

Library Rules:

a. All users must observe total silence in the library and its environs at all times.

b. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the library

c. All bags, cases, folders etc. must be left in the luggage area.

d. Users are not allowed to leave their baggage overnight in the library. The library shall not take any responsibility for loss of personal property or books already signed out to a user.

e. Anyone caught marking, defacing or mutilating books or any other library material will be expected to pay for the material with the most current edition of the same.

f. Users are not allowed to reshelf books after removing them from the shelf. Leave the books on the table or return at Circulation Desk.

g. No library equipment may be moved, modified or tampered with without permission from the librarian.

h. Borrowing of books is strictly between 8:00am to 02:30 PM

i. Students are allowed to borrow a maximum of two books for a period of one week, and will be responsible for paying a fine for any overdue books.

j. The students should wear their I.D tags while using the library.

Damage/ Loss of Library Materials:

All users will be held responsible for any damage or loss of library materials in their possession and will be required to meet the cost of replacement and processing according to Library Policy.

Users must ensure that the books they borrow are in good condition to avoid being held responsible for any damages noted while returning the books.

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